Smecta® (思密達®)

Name   思密達® (雙八面體蒙脫石)3克香橙雲呢拿味 - 10包裝 Smecta® Dicoctahedral Smectite-3g (Orange-vanila flavour)-10 sachets
Brand Name   思密達® Smecta®
Dosage and Administration  成年人:每天服用3包。                    兒童及嬰兒:• 1歲以下:每日1包
• 1–2歲:每日1–2包
• 2歲以上:每日2–3包                      每日劑量可分成2至3次服用,每包Smecta®思密達®可與50毫升水拌勻服用,或與半流質食品,如粥、果汁或嬰兒食品等拌勻服用。
Adult: An average of 3 sachets per day, mixed with half a glass of water            Children:
Under 1 year:  1 sachet per day 
Between 1 and  2 years: 1 to 2 sachets per day 
Over 2 years:  2 to 3 sachets per day         To mix if necessary with a semi liquid food (pap, compote, purée, baby food). 
Indication  適合紓緩偶發及急性腹瀉症狀的人士服用 This drug is indicated in the treatment of diarrhea and of painful symptoms associated with oesophageal-gastric and intestinal diseases. 
Warnings 對「蒙脫石散」或Smecta®思密達®其他成分過敏的人士不可服用Smecta®思密達®。                                      不建議患有「果糖不耐症」(fructose intolerance)、「葡萄糖和半乳糖吸收障礙」(glucose and galactose malabsorption)或「蔗糖酶/異麥芽糖酶缺乏症」(sucrase/somaltase deficiency)的人士服用Smecta®思密達®。(以上均是遺傳性罕見疾病) Hypersensitivity to dosmectite or to one of the excipients.                                        Due to the presence of glucose and saccharose, this medication is contraindicated for patients who are fructose intolerant.
Product Description 法國IPSEN藥廠出品的思密達® 由於其片狀結構和高粘性,它具有很強的胃腸粘膜覆蓋能力。思密達®通過與粘液中糖蛋白相互作用,增強粘膜對攻擊因子的抵抗能力。它對胃腸粘膜屏障的作用及其高度親和力,保護胃腸粘膜。它不被吸收也不參與化謝。可用於舒緩偶發

Smecta® manufactured by IPSEN Pharma in France. Smecta ®due to its structure in leaves and its high plastic viscosity, has a significant digestive mucous covering capacity. Smecta, by interacting with mucus glycoproteins, increases the mucous gel's resistance to attacks. Smecta, by acting on the digestive mucous barrier and its high fixation capacity, protects the digestive mucous. Smecta® is neither absorbed nor metabolized.

- Relief of occasional on non-persistant diarrhoea 
Product Ingredients 雙八面體蒙脫石--3克 Dicoctahedral Smectite-3g 
Origin  法國 France